Educational Resources & Addiction Case Management Programs in Denver, Colorado

If you’ve decided to change your life for the better, Life-Line is ready to help. No matter what position you’re in, we offer the resources and assistance you need to take your first steps down the right path. Through comprehensive case management, we’re able to provide access to educational resources, employment opportunities and drug and alcohol treatment programs in Denver, among a broad range of other things. Learn more:

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Holding a stable, honest job is a point of pride and can help ground you in your everyday life. Turn to us for help with job readiness, tattoo removal, clothing exchange, obtaining work IDs, job fairs and more.

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    Drug addiction treatment

    We provide drug addiction treatment and withdrawal support in Denver, CO. No matter what type of drug dependence you’re suffering from, we help you achieve and maintain sobriety, so you can break free of the bonds of addiction.

    Substance abuse therapy

    Substance abuse goes beyond hard drugs. We offer substance abuse treatment in Denver, CO for alcohol as well, empowering individuals to recognize their addiction and work towards overcoming it.

    Identifying red flags & triggers

    Understanding your triggers can help you avoid making mistakes and bad decisions. Through case management, we help you get to know the triggers and red flags that affect you most, so you can avoid them or learn to control them.

    Food pantry

    Nourishment is one of the most basic fundamental needs of every person. We operate a food pantry, open to those who are unable to feed themselves and their families.


    For those who have begun to take positive steps towards a better life, we’re here to assist you in achieving your GED and any post-secondary schooling you’re pursuing.

    Transitional Housing

    We work with Tribe Recovery Homes to assist with sober living and transitional housing services.


    We work alongside the Colorado Department of Corrections whenever possible

    We help individuals within the system gain access to the tools and resources needed to better their lives. We’re also affiliated with Tribe. Recovery Homes and can assist with immediate or transitional housing. For more information about case management or any of the programs or resources we provide, please contact Life-Line today. Click here to learn about our adult and youth counseling services in Denver.

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