Life-Line Colorado Case Management & Counselling Service Reviews

May 14, 2024

"Life-Line has seen my family through the darkest of days,they gave us hope and encouragment.When times got hard and the struggle got real they came with kindness respect and immediate plan of action. The support and outreach are exceptional,theres no limit to the gratitude and appreciation for Life-Line."
May 10, 2024

"Life line really helps out people in need I go to north and I talked with Claudio and he helped me get some shoes and pants for work I really appreciate him and life line for helping me and others in need "
March 12, 2024

"I was reunited with my family on 12/26/23. One of my first goals was to aqurie employment. The first two months of being back with them was rough for me because it hadnt happened the way I envisioned it ptior to being released. Most of the jobs I applied for required that I have a laser level and a pair of drywall stilts. In times past these companies supplied these for their employees, not anymore. So I reached out to family and friends and just couldn't reach the goal. So, after feeling down I swallowed my pride, called my PO, and he directed WAGEES. The men there welcomed me to the program with open arms, and I felt the support from the moment I stepped foot into their building. I sat down with the staff, completed the orientation, and then spoke about my need for assistance with tools. The tools I needed were pricey and I thought there's no way they can get em for me. God made a way and they had me the tools I needed! God is good!! Never be too big to ask for help. There are people/programs out there to help those with a dark past, see the light and potential that life has to offer. WAGEES is definitely one! My family and I are grateful for their support, not only with tools, but with the mental and spiritual support as well. Thank you to Rodger and all the staff that helped me get to work and set me up for success. Truly a blessing!"
February 21, 2024

"Life-line has been amazing to my family. We have been going through an incredibly difficult time recently and Life-Line has been there for us. They showed up immediately and helped my family in ways we will never forget. Thank you so much!"
January 10, 2024

"I was a client of this program for 10 months. Throughout that time, I was met with a very supportive CM, Roger Cullen "
Life-Line Colorado