Youth & Adult Mental Health Counseling in Denver, Colorado

One of the most important resources for any at-risk individual is having someone to talk to. We recognize the mental and emotional trauma. Our counseling services extend to all types of individuals and situations. We’re able to organize individual and family counseling, as well as chemical dependency counseling in Denver, CO. We also teach coping techniques, tutoring, group activities and more—options designed to help individuals feel more in-control over themselves and their situation  

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Mental Health Services

Good mental health is the gateway to a more positive life. When your mind is right, you make good decisions, have a positive outlook and find the good in things. We’re here to help you achieve the stability you need in your mind and your mood. Turn to us for individual and family counseling in Denver, CO and we’ll provide you with a safe space to talk through problems and identify your struggles.
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Adult Services

Many of our programs are geared towards adults, specific to the struggles they face after being in the system. We’re here to provide trauma recovery, gang disengagement, rehabilitation, counseling and much more.

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Youth services

The youth of our communities are the most at-risk—especially those who lack a stable home or positive role models. We strive to fill these voids and provide resources that help kids grow up surrounded by love and positivity. Our services include tutoring, study skills, dropout prevention, youth activities, basketball tournaments and more.


Coping techniques

Every individual has their own way of coping. We’ll work with you to discover your triggers and help you establish coping techniques to calm your mind and put you in the right headspace to process things positively.

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Counseling services or to inquire about any of the assistive programs we provide, contact Life-Line Colorado today. We’ll be happy to introduce you to a program that meets your mental and emotional needs, giving you an outlet to express yourself and talk with someone who can help. Click here to learn more about our Denver case management services.

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