Our Programs in Denver, CO

(WAGEES) Work and Gain Education and Employment Skills. Criteria: Medium to High-Risk. Community Re-Entry (Releasing out of Prison) or on Parole. The Life-Line WAGEES Program offers Healing opportunities by providing Recovery Housing for those that do not have a residence to Parole to. Psychoeducation and or Individualized Mental Health Therapy in partnership with Elements of Discovery. The program also offers Education opportunities ranging from GED, Diploma, and or Post- Secondary education. In addition, the program offers Employment opportunities ranging from obtaining employment and assistance in sustaining employment. Life-Line is accredited to work with the STG Population, Security Threat Group. Amongst all described above, we also provide avenues for Gang-Disengagement and these services also include tattoo removal, clothing exchange, and sometimes assisting with re-location from current residence.

(CWI) Community with Intentions: Criteria: Victim of Crime. Current, or, past. The Life-Line’s Community with Intentions Program offers Healing opportunities through the practice of Acudetox. This is a form of acupuncture that specifically addresses (5) points in a person’s ear. This practice helps one stabilize Stressors, Anxieties, and assists with the recovery process from Substance Abuse. In addition, Acudetox also helps one cope with and heal from Traumatic experiences. The program participants also receive traditional case-management services, meeting their basic needs so one cannot just survive, but begin to thrive.

Urban Impact: Criteria: Youth ages: Middle School-High School. Gang Associated, or Affiliated. Urban Impact is a multi-layered program which addresses the individual’s basic needs, Safety needs, and Psychological needs to assist the individual in Healing from destructive patterns and traumatic experiences while giving the ability to fade away and disengage from the sub-culture of Gangs. The Urban Impact Program also includes services that consist of Violence Interruption (community shootings) and Community Mobilization (Healing circles, peace marches, alters, and mural projects). In addition, Urban Impact offers Professional Development/entrepreneurial opportunities.

Life-Line Colorado’s vision has always been to provide supportive and healing components, impacting the intergenerational, family dynamics. Each program serves as an internal resource for self, family, and community. Contact us today to learn more if you’re in the Denver, CO area.