Life-Line Colorado Case Management & Counselling Service Reviews

December 29, 2023

"Extremely grateful for LifeLine Colorado. LifeLine was able to help my family when times got hard the last couple weeks. The support is appreciated more than ever. Thank you Aye Gee and Steve Maestas! It means a lot to my family and I._Thank you again LifeLine!!"
November 29, 2023

"My life coach Rudy is a big part OG my successful transition. I could not have done it without him. Throughout the process we have become brothers in life "
November 29, 2023

"Ight so I successfully completed the life line program and have to say with them none of my succes would have been possible after doing 8 years in prison I didn't know how I was going be able to get through life but having life line I was able to conquer all my goals by maintaining employment staying clean living a positive life getting my own spot and finally being a man for my family so thank you life line this program was needed along time ago but thankful it's hear now. Failure is never an option and life line helped me stick to that. Special shout out to Rudy and the boxing coach Rob I love you guys and will back in the gym soon. God bless"
September 21, 2023


"Angleo Johnson 8/1/2023 Life-line is the bridge that Men and Women need in getting out of prison and starting a New Life! Life-line has a Structure and Foundation that generates success for those going through difficulties in their transition to staying free! The staff here understands what you are going through because they have been right where you are present tense! The atmosphere and the professionalism amongst the staff are tops. I give Life-line! Five Stars!!! "
August 15, 2023

"The Life-Line community support program is the best program that metro Denver has ever had! It is a program that has been needed for over 50 years. The people that work at Life-Line are true supporters of the community and reach out with such love, grace, and respect for humanity. They truly do everything their website implies and much more. The peace of mind and support that I have received from them during their work with re-entry programs can only be declared as work from God. Special thanks for the support I’ve received from Paul Gonzales, James Gutierrez and Leo Alirez who I call my Angels on earth! These support systems to mentor our men in the community that have never had strong male support and guidance are miraculous. Giving men who need them the most the resources and ability to work and stay sober will create men who feel good about themselves and give back to society, which in turn results in a stronger community of great, hard-working, sober, Christian men and families! I can’t say thank you enough!"
Life-Line Colorado